Dagens Nyheter disc review: Celia Linde’s “Shades in Blue” sparkles with presence and longing.

Published: August 22, 2019

Guitarist Celia Linde has made an especially beautiful album, whose sensitive tone is just as intimate no matter how she moves around the world, from Malmö to Paris or China to Latin America.

“All creation is really a re-creation of a once-loved and once whole, but now lost and ruined object”

.  .  .  said the Polish-born British psychoanalyst Hanna Segal. Those words come to me when I hear Celia Linde’s incessantly beautiful new guitar disc, whose intimate tender tones likewise sparkle with feeling and longing. Of presence and absence. It could be a beach in Malmö, a foggy mountain in China or a cafe in Fontainebleau outside Paris. A long time ago or here and now.

This quality is also characteristic of the many Latin American pieces where Linde gets exquisite assistance from guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Gustavo Colina on the quatro. A poetic bittersweet poignancy as perfected in the closing piece “Cavatina”, from the film “Deerhunter”.

Best track: “Epilogue”


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